New to Running

As a newcomer  to running I was not aware of a lot of information regarding running and what it takes to become good at it and stay or become injury free. I faced a lot of information coming my way, right shoe , right socks , stretching , how many kilometers to do ect. I started of with only 5km so any shoes that resembled a running shoe was fine to me until I learned an expensive lesson. I ran in trail running shoes and did my first 10km and ended up being out for 2 weeks. I then asked around and went to a running shop where my feet was tested for the right shoes. That got me back onto the road. Now only doing between 5km – 10km training and races I still did not face one of my worst injuries. My friends and I decided well maybe we could do this Comrades thing and I was all excited and we increase our KM’s per day and races Km’s to 21kms, thats when it all started.

The blisters started of small underneath my foot then on the side of the toes , but mostly underneath. I did a lot of reading on the net and asking runners how to get rid of this problem. People telling me its my shoes, its my socks ect. I tried the double layer socks , thin socks, most brands you could find at the running shops. I also did the vaseline under my feet to.

Long story short i ran the comrades with this in mind if I change my socks at say every 20 km when the blister normally showed their ugly heads i should be fine. Nope I was not, see attached pictures of what my feet looked like after comrades, i change three pairs of sock and i think i actually made it worst..

I did however come across the Blister Prevention Patches before the comrades but was unable to successfully purchase them and try them out before comrades, you know how the saying goes, “nothing new on race day”.

I have now successfully bought them and have been running with it with no sign of blisters. I have also tried them with my thin socks and the tick compression socks and i can say that the Blister prevention patches work 100% as stated.